Sunday, December 8


I'm coming up to some big, huge, massive changes in my life, in the new year. It's exciting and terrifying and wonderful and without publicly going into further detail, I would very much appreciate any good thoughts/prayers/wishes that anybody can spare.

I'm also rather crossly resitting my OU module as they spectacularly bollocksed up some critical admin-related stuff. Alas the aforementioned life change may really screw this up a lot, which is a shame as I should have safely completed the module in September!

My impairment and associated medical stuff has settled. More than settled, really - a few years of genuinely good care has undone almost all the harm that the abusive nursing home did, almost all of which was assumed to be irreversible progression at the time. As such I can reasonably hope/believe that the plateau I've occupied for the last couple of years has a very good chance of being permanent, as long as I do not again experience severe neglect and emotional abuse. Which obviously, I've no intention of allowing to happen!

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