Saturday, June 21

Whales again.

Okay, look. If you want to know how big the heart of any given whale is, you really need to do better Google searches than 'whale heart'. Pick a species, for starters. Better yet, go to a library and find a marine biology book. You've got much better chances of turning up actual fact that way. Honestly.

It took me about five seconds to find this extremely informative (if slightly commercial!) page listing the vital statistics of a pretty comprehensive selection of cetaceans. Go there instead. And do your homework better 'cos I'm not doing it for you next time.

I've had a very cross couple of weeks 'cos a measly piece of welding on the footplate of my powerchair broke, rendering me - er - legless. Effectively, anyway. So I'm back in the manual chair, which is immensely frustrating: there are nowhere [i]near[/i] enough pairs of hands here to enable decent human-assisted mobility. Should be fixed soon, but it's making the days feel very long indeed. Particularly as Nurse With Cute Puppy (NWCP) is away on holiday, rendering Keyworker Nurse (KN) hopelessly busy and therefore unable to do much keyworkering. I like KN very much but I get very angry sometimes because he wields so much power to improve (or wreck) my quality of life and he doesn't really seem to appreciate how important that makes him in my life.

I watched Turkey effect a pretty spectacular last-minute win over Croatia last night, and now I'm watching Russia do something similar to the Dutch national team. League football always seems a bit pointless but the international stuff kills time reasonably well, in the absence of anything better to watch. Of which speaking, tonight's Doctor Who episode was a real treat. Clearly another second unit production - presumably they filmed this episode and the previous simultaneously to fit the schedule in, as there's almost no overlap of the main cast between the two - but it wasn't half a goodie, although I'm not sure they'll ever top last year's second unit episode, Blink.

I should be more mobile soon - even with a poorly powerchair, as my long-awaited adapted van is soon on the way. I'm not even going to try to describe how much I'm looking forward to it.


Strawberryyog said...

It is now very very important that Spain should win. Can you say office sweepstake? I will be rich, rich, rich I tell you.

Othergates, yes it is truly astonishing how Google places you in a search for that particular bit of marine biology. I can't help wondering whether your even mentioning the words "w---- h----" doesn't perhaps improve your ranking in such a search??

Maybe you should bow to the inevitable and just make it all about WH. Have WH mugs and t-shirts to buy, get sponsored by, I dunno, some perfume company, sell cetacean ECG printouts ... limitless opportunity on the Web. (It's on version 2.0 you know).


Philip. said...

Hi, how are you doing?