Sunday, January 7

Annoying news, bad news and sad news.

I'd like to wish you lot a happy New Year, Christmas, Hannukah, Winter Solstice and anything else that happened in the last month or so that passed beneath my radar.


Girl with a one-track mind got rather a lot of media attention, recently - essentially, for having lots of sex and blogging anonymously about it. And then for being 'outed', horribly and intrusively, by someone who thought it might make a story. That, in itself, is unspeakable.

But then, she reveals one of the emails that Nicholas Hellen, the Acting News Editor of the Sunday Times (hopefully not for much longer) sent her. How low can you go? Threats. Intimidation. Bullying, in short. 'Abby' is clearly a strong woman with plenty of support and I'm sure this little post will matter not one jot to her, but I saw the bandwagon and decided to crawl onto it anyway. I wish her all the very best.


I've got a whole lot more rage at the international press for their coverage of the Ashley X case this week - but I've pretty much said my piece over at Ouch so instead of repeating myself comprehensively I'll just point you there instead. Cutting out a little girl's uterus, and ovaries, and breasts "in case they cause her discomfort later on" is, at the very least, ridiculous. And obscene. And a whole load more words besides.


Lastly and on a sadder note, one of my littlest blog-friends died this week. Lance was six-and-three-quarters and had Menke's Syndrome. He was a lovely little chap and his parents and baby sister clearly absolutely adored him, and my thoughts are with them now.


Edited later, to add:
fairsCaPe, an ace poet and mum-blogger to a son with several profound impairments, has cancer and is quite poorly at the moment. She has my strength and good wishes and if anyone's got any spare they might like to lend her theirs, too.


Dream Mom said...

Becca, I LOVED your comments on the Ouch forum. You summed it up perfectly.

DaniGirl said...

Hey Rebecca, I'm trying to go back and comment on everyone's blog who delurked on mine. Hello! And thanks for your comment.

Philip. said...

Becca - you do make some good comments on Ouch!

Isn't it time you started blogging more??(said with a touch of humorous sarcasm) :-)


Philip. said...

Wishing you all the best for 2008 and a Happy New Year.


Casdok said...

You make some great points!

Sorry to hear about Lance, that is so sad.